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Mastering Unity Shaders and Effects

by Jamie Dean.

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Description of Mastering Unity Shaders and Effects:

Mastering Unity Shaders and Effects

Key Features

  • Leverage the power of Unity 5 compatible shaders to create a variety of realistic surfaces
  • Create amazing visual effects for your Unity 5.x games by blending advanced post-processing techniques and lighting effects
  • Add that extra visual edge to your games by learning pro level techniques

Book Description

With the inclusion of Physically Based Shading and the Standard Shader, Unity has opened up new workflows to achieve realism and astounding visuals in your real-time application project.

If you’ve been looking for an advanced guide to cater to your games’ visual needs, then this is the right solution for you. This book will give you a good understanding of the level of detail and polish you can add to your games with a deeper knowledge of shader and lighting interaction with Physically Based Shading for PC, console, and mobile game projects.

You’ll see how to create custom lighting effects efficiently and how you can replace expensive lighting rigs with simpler alternatives. Moving forward, you will successfully create responsive graphics that automatically adjust to different mobile platforms. If you want to improve the post-processing of your games and are wondering how to make your game look like a AAA standard game, then this book provides all the necessary information to enable you to do so efficiently and effectively.

What you will learn

  • Create amazing visual effects using Unity 5’s improved toolset
  • See the comparative advantages of the Metallic and Specular workflows of Unity’s Physically Based Shading system
  • Build your own custom shaders to suit a variety of organic and inorganic surfaces
  • Take your Unity 5 project to the next level with advanced real-time and baked lighting methods
  • Design powerful particle effects
  • Find out how shaders, materials, and scripts work together within the Unity framework
  • Develop high-end and optimized game visuals suitable for mobile devices and other platforms

About the Author

Jamie Dean is a game artist, developer, instructor, and freelancer, with over 7 years of teaching experience in higher education and 4 years developing 3D content for game projects. Since 2015, Jamie has helped make rock solid games as the art studio team lead at Concrete Software Inc in Eden Prairie, Minnesota. He wrote Unity Character Animation with Mecanim, also published by Packt Publishing.


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