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New Blue (Blue Series Book 5)

by Jules Barnard.

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New Blue (Blue Series Book 5)

Adam Cade is entitled, arrogant, and wears an Armani suit like no one I’ve ever seen. When he flashes those baby blues, no woman can resist him. Even I struggle. He’s the prince of Lake Tahoe, born into one of the wealthiest families in the area–he knows the power he holds over this town.

He doesn’t recognize me.

He definitely doesn’t remember how he helped this town ruin my life.

Now I’ve returned with a degree and a backbone, to take on my dream job at Blue Casino. I won’t quit just because Adam works there too. But I don’t count on the dark secrets the casino seems to be hiding. Or that Adam has a hand in them. I have no choice but to get close to the arrogant ass if I want to save my job.

Only the closer I get, the less I see of the guy who wronged me in high school, and more of the sweet, sexy man he is now.

I’m not sure what’s more frightening–that my dream job is turning out to be a nightmare, or that I’m falling for Adam and he stands for everything I’m fighting against.

*Each book in the Blue Series is a standalone with a different couple and their own happily ever after. The books in this series do not need to be read in order.

Deep Blue (Blue Series #1) — Cali & Jaeger 
Blue Crush (Blue Series #2) — Gen & Lewis
True Blue (Blue Series #3) — Mira & Tyler
Blue Streak: A Blue Series Novella (Blue Series #4) — Nessa & Zach
New Blue (Blue Series #5) — Hayden & Adam 


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