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Peyton… Protected (Studs & Steel Book 1)

by Heather Mar-Gerrison.

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Peyton… Protected (Studs & Steel Book 1)

“Please don’t leave me.” Sam whispered, breaking my heart and making me wonder just what the hell I thought I was doing.

But I knew I was doing the right thing – there was only one way forward for us – and that was for me to go crawling back to Dad – then I’d have money. I could make something of myself and then I’d go back and find Sam – and I’d get him out of that awful place and I’d look after him…

“I have to, Sam – but don’t give up on me – I’ll come back for you – I promise.”

I broke that promise – not on purpose – I went back and he’d gone and I had no idea where to find him…


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