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Population Zero – Rise of the Exosapiens

by L.N. Parsons.

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Population Zero – Rise of the Exosapiens

In the dying world of 2025, people of planet Earth had lost the will to hope for a better future. Some saw leaving Earth as unrealistic and irrational, while others argued that leaving the planet was the only logical way forward. In a high-stakes race against time, families of every earthly creed came together to leave planet Earth. Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical (NBC) warfare became inevitable once the weapons of mass human extermination fell into the hands of psychotic dictators. Before time could run out, come hell or high water, humans were left desperately seeking a way to ensure the long-term survival of the human race. Read the incredible saga of the near-future Deep Space Expeditionary Forces (DSEF) and their loyal band of active-duty scientists. Together with keen civilians and mercenary engineering contractors, the DSEF teams embark on an impossible mission to colonize interplanetary and interstellar space. The balance of power on Earth has changed forever, and the characters who refuse to submit to the authority of the human invaders on planet Earth have chosen to attempt survival off-world. For the first time in known human history, regular humans are being mass-relocated off-planet. Many will be traveling far deeper into space than they had originally imagined. The tough, innovative scout crews of seven interstellar supercruisers must do the right thing, even while ultra-nationalists and fanatical religious cults declare them to be traitors and cowards. Time and time again, Sergeant Kahmay O’Conaill, Specialist A.J. Conway, and the rest of the Detachment IV DSEF crew prove that applying fiction to reality is the ultimate weapon of the forces of good. Science, technology, physics, mathematics, engineering, and spiritual fortitude fuel the hope and faith of die-hard survivalist humans from every corner of Earth. Together they face countless challenges to their survival from both human and unknown extraterrestrial threats. When apocalyptic death finally came calling like a thief in the night, the only thing left to do was launch…or die.


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