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Prison Guard Delaney (The Mile Hill Women’s Prison Chronicles Volume Book 2)

by Ali Greig.

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Prison Guard Delaney (The Mile Hill Women’s Prison Chronicles Volume Book 2)

In the second of the Mile Hill Women’s Prison series, Prison Guard Delaney takes up the story and shows us life at the notorious women’s prison from a Guard’s point of view. Dealing with a new intake of prisoners and those still there, Delaney gives the reader an insight into how things have changed since tough new laws came in and what Guards get up to each day. Contains adult material.

In this second volume, the story centres on Prison Guard Delaney who, as the title suggests, works as a Guard in the notorious Mile Hill Women’s Prison. Based on the day in the life of a low ranking Guard, the reader will meet old and new characters and see how they are thought of and treated by officialdom. Also they will get to see how the lives of the lowly prisoner and the powerful Guard intertwine.

Taking place at court and in the prison it continues from the author’s first volume, “Possession of the State” which focussed on the story of a professional, twenty something sentenced to Mile Hill Prison, a women’s facility where life had got much tougher following a change in the laws and a focus on making serving time harder.

Please note that this is written in British English and is for adults only. It deals with sexual and other adult situations and should not be read in jurisdictions where this material is not permitted or by minors.


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