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Shadow Chasers – The Woolfolk Tragedy Revisited

by Carolyn DeLoach.

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Shadow Chasers – The Woolfolk Tragedy Revisited

ANNOUNCEMENT SHADOW CHASERS FANS: This edition includes new never-before-published-photograph of Thomas G. Woolfolk.

In the early morning hours of August 6, 1887 in rural Bibb County, Georgia, Captain Richard F. Woolfolk and eight members of his family died at the hands of an axe murderer. A single member of the household survived the attack. Tom woolfolk, the Captain’s eldest son escaped the slaughter and sounded the alarm, only to be arrested for the crime. On October 29, 1890, after languishing in jell, chained to the wall of his cell for three years, enduring countless trials, he calmly climbed the steps to the gallows, proclaimed his innocence one last time and forgave those who were about to kill him.

After extensive research, and in vivid detail, author Carolyn DeLoach has been able to capture the emotions of the period. Shadow Chasers is a factual account of one of the most horrendous crimes in the history of the state of Georgia, as told by the actual participants, in their own words. Ms. DeLoach guides the reader through the tangled web of tragic events and subtly presents haunting evidence that a serial mass murderer was protected by the political forces of the State, and an innocent man was sacrificed. The murderers of the Woolfolk family went on to kill others; including another. Shadow Chasers changed history by revealing who actually killed the Woolfolk family.


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