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Shattered Dreams

by Tom Scollon.

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Shattered Dreams

This is a book set on the Camino de Santiago – a long 800 km hike generally starting at St Jean Pied de Port in the Pyrenees foothills of south western France and finishing in far western Spain.

This is probably the trek of one’s life, for most of the tens of thousands who undertake this triumphant journey each year. The path follows what was believed to be a pilgrim walk many centuries ago. Modern day peregrinos generally takes several weeks to complete the trek and well ahead of that, most hikers train for weeks to prepare. Some days on the Camino are gruelling. Those that complete the walk are no ordinary people. They have a special ‘X’ factor.

It is not just a physical journey but is often a journey for one’s inner soul. Most will walk commonly 15-25 kms a day. And while you share the journey with others the long hours on the trail somehow still takes you inside yourself in a way you cannot plan for. You listen and walk and talk and hear others stories. You can walk steadfastly alone and that is your option but unknowingly you are in time, drawn into your past and the past and the inner sanctum sometimes of your fellow trail blazers. It is often the case of being in the right place at the right time. How two minds and hearts come together. As you walk you recognise a special connection is emerging. Maybe frivolity first. Then trust. Then the sharing begins.

It is of course a truism to say no two days in life are the same. But somehow the Camino is very different.

This is not a Camino guide, but if you have walked every inch you will likely recognise yourselves and others each day. You will relive the battle won; recall the noisy Albergues and cafes you rested; the long dry stretches of the Meseta; the hills you eventually ascended and days conquered despite weary and blistered feet. You will know the towns again and feel their souls. And smell the daisies in the fields in spring. You will recognise the Ciguena Blanca flying overhead. You will recognise the bars and the churches.

Finn, a citizen of the world sought absolutely nothing from his Camino. He was merely ‘paso a paso’ – one step at a time. But his carefree spirit and affable nature ensured that change would engulf him like he could never have imagined.

Ariel, a Spanish girl who had just lost her job – a common tale and a common reason to take on this journey – was likewise not looking for trouble.

Padre Juan a very handsome Catholic priest – in disguise in civilians – neither looked for trouble nor found it. This was his final contemplation before he would hand in his collar at the end of his trek. He was a ‘stolen child’ and should have been an angry man. He wore no halo but was the sort of person that everyone liked. A rare man’s man as well as unknowingly charming the tender gender.

This is a story of hot Spanish love. The book also traces the sad life of a young girl who had her virginity stolen by a young invasive priest in Sahagun. Her story has a happy ending.

The Camino has steps full of words and lives and stories over hundreds of years and centuries.

Many ask upon reaching Santiago ‘is that all there is?’ Life does change though you may not feel that on that final weary day of trekking.

This book traces lives post Camino.

The author, Tom Scollon, has walked every inch of this and other Caminos. As he pounded the keyboard post Camino, writing this story he walked daily in the lives of many familiar pilgrims. At the end of his story he still knew little about Finn. He still searched for answers from Ariel. And was frequently drawn to tears writing about Juan.

Never mind to ask what shoes should you wear to protect the soles of your feet as you trudge the 800km. Before you set out think more of how you should prepare your soul.

Life changes forever


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