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Souls of Air (Malin Fors 7)

by Mons Kallentoft.

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Souls of Air (Malin Fors 7)

Linköping’s top detective, Malin Fors, is about to take on a case that’s a little too close for comfort. Her daughter has just discovered a dead body. It is that of a 79-year-old resident at the nursing home where she works. He’s been hanged by his own alarm cord.

At first it looks like a straightforward suicide. But when the autopsy suggests foul play, Malin uncovers some disturbing rumours about the home’s management and its millionaire owner. Was it a mercy killing, or was someone trying to silence the victim?

Who could possibly benefit from the death of an elderly man? Only someone with a lot to gain – or a lot to lose…


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