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Spartan Beast (The Hellennium Book 2)

by P.K. Lentz.

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Spartan Beast (The Hellennium Book 2)

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The war between Athens and Sparta is over.

But not for Demosthenes of Athens, who has but one purpose: kill every last Spartan. In his possession is a weapon that might achieve it, the living, unstable weapon which fell from the stars, Thalassia. At present, she lies dead, but that is sure to change. Demosthenes will need her help, for Sparta has a weapon just as deadly in the form of Eris, the white witch who takes her name, not without reason, from the war-god’s slaughter-loving sister.

Together, Demosthenes and Thalassia will stop at nothing in a relentless quest to slay the ravenous SPARTAN BEAST. 

The Hellennium takes place in an ancient world depicted with brutal realism, weaving threads of cosmic SF into bloody and graphic historical fiction.  At the heart of the series is the ever-evolving, dysfunctional relationship between Demosthenes and Thalassia, whose ‘anti-romance’ will leave a trail of slaughter and ruin down the centuries.

If you’re a fan of David Drake’s Northworld series, or Gene Wolfe’s Soldier series, you’ll want to join Demosthenes and Thalassia as they cut a bloody path of destruction through the ancient world. Frequent readers of David Weber, David Gemmell, Michael Moorcock, and even Bernard Cornwell have also found much to love in The Hellennium.


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