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Still Breathing – Weston Sisters Book 2

by Elle J. Christensen.

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Still Breathing – Weston Sisters Book 2

Annalise Weston has lived her entire life longing for something better. As a child she and her sisters were abused by their father. Now as a young adult Annalise has been trying to find her place in the world. A place where her father doesn’t haunt her dreams. A night in the city is all she wanted. Just to forget for a little while. Dance, drink, maybe, meet a guy who could help her get her father’s face out of her memory. Little did she know that her night in the city was just the beginning of the downward spiral called her life. Drugs, sex, and an abusive boyfriend. Annalise feels as if she has no way out of the mess she has created.

Gabriel Sanchez is one of the good cops still left in Oklahoma City. Who knows how many of the deputies he works with are being paid under the table to keep their mouths shut, when it comes to Trey Michelson and his buddies. Gabriel is determined to bring Trey down and get the drugs he is selling off of the streets. He lost his brother two years ago to a drug overdose and he’s still trying to heal from the loss.

Getting a 911 call from the local gas station clerk, about a crazy woman running into the bathroom was not the kind of call Gabriel was in the mood to deal with today, but when duty calls, he knows he must go. Little did he know he would be living his nightmare over again, only this time it was a woman passed out from a drug overdose and not his brother.

Being forced into drug rehab isn’t Annalise’s idea of a good time, but it will keep her safe from Trey Michelson and keep her out of jail. If it weren’t for the sexy cop, who saved her from dying of a drug overdose she would have been dead, but a second chance at life may be just what she needed in order to mend her relationship with her sisters.

Meeting Gabriel Sanchez and his family may be the best thing that’s ever happened to Annalise. Will she and Gabriel be able to form the friendship they both so desperately need after fighting off the demons of their past. Will they finally learn to forgive themselves for the mistakes they’ve made and find a happily ever after with each other.

Mateo Sanchez couldn’t believe his eyes. Annalise Weston is the most beautifully broken woman he has ever seen. As her RA at the Trinity institute, they have become close friends. Mateo believes himself to be in love with her. The problem is his brother Gabriel. His brother always seems to be the problem.

Annalise finds herself stuck between an ongoing feud between the two Sanchez brothers, will their love for her finally cause them to forgive one another and move on with their lives, or will it only force them further apart?


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