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Sun & Shyne 3 – Family Business

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Sun & Shyne 3 – Family Business

All good things must come to an end. The Sun and Shyne saga grinds to a dramatic end with Family Business.

Killa had been training his offspring all along to one day join him in his task to rid the world of those wishing to corrupt it before taking over the Family Business.

The resurgence of The Black Mob unites the remaining siblings in the common goal of revenge. They’d killed one of theirs so now they were on a mission to kill all of them. It was Family Business.

Meanwhile, the now grown twins must now face grown-up issues. They must learn to juggle their regular lives and Family Business.

Sun finally fulfills Karate Joe’s prediction and becomes the beast he prophesied he’d be. Just in time to because no one lives forever.


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