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Surfer Dead – A cozy mystery (Dead in Destin Book 2)

by Lisa Greer.

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Surfer Dead – A cozy mystery (Dead in Destin Book 2)

Surf’s up, but this surfer dude is very dead…and Holly’s the prime suspect.

Autistic twenty something, ex-engineer and recent heiress Holly Lawson’s life has just settled down in sunny Destin, Florida after solving her Aunt Bess’s murder. Life is good, until a dead surfer washes up on the beach–one that very few people liked and that she was the last to see alive.

Can Holly help John Sands solve the murder of the dead surfer guy before it gets pinned on her, and how will she handle her growing attraction to John. Does he even like her, or is she going to take a hard fall? And what is thing that goes bump in the night at the beach house that won’t quit?


“You really need to get off of my property, Bobby Joe—like now.” Holly Lawson yelled from the back porch of the beach house. She had recently named it Windswept after the lovely fall breeze that kicked up on mornings like this one.

“Sorry, Holly. Yeesh. Chill out. Can’t a friend crash for a night?” Bobby Joe Jones jerked his surfboard up from where he’d put it in the sand.

“Eh…I don’t know if we’re friends yet, Bobby Joe. Saying hi when you cut across the property isn’t really a basis for a strong, deep relationship.” Holly picked up Cujo who was mewling to be held.

“Aw, now. Come on.” Bobby Joe shook sand off of the towel he had slept on.

Holly felt some pity, but not much. He drank most of his money away when he was perfectly able to work. Bobby Joe loved to laze in the waves all day; surfing wasn’t something that could really be done here in Destin, but he definitely didn’t like to work.

“I wouldn’t mind, but you can’t sleep here, you know? It’s against the law, and it’s not safe. Plus, I’m not keen on someone milling around out here in the dark. You might scare me to death and get yourself shot. I don’t have a gun yet, but I’m thinking about buying one for my personal safety.” Holly smiled and sat down on the table and looked out over the sparkling, emerald hued waves of the Gulf. She knew that would get to Bobby Joe.

“I know, dude. I’m not gonna be doing this all the time, I swear. It was just one night.” He shook his head. “I’m out. See you later.”

“Hopefully not too soon,” Holly muttered as she sipped at the hot tea she had made. A mean wind was blowing in, and bruised clouds raced overhead. She had a funny feeling in her stomach, and that was never a good sign for how the day was going to turn out.

Of course, she might just have that feeling because she had asked John Sands to come over for a cup of coffee. She was brewing his cup now, and he was due here any minute. They had some things to rehash, and she needed to cut him a big check for the work he’d done on her aunt’s case. Holly had told him just to come on in through the front door and out to the back porch when he arrived.

Cujo purred in her arms.

“Yeah, yeah. This is the life, isn’t it?”

“Good morning, Holly.” John smiled, and her heart took a long, slow dive.

That wasn’t something it usually did, but he looked especially nice in a pair of light green shorts, a v-neck t-shirt, and sandals. He was the emodiment of a surfer dude himself, but he was actually anything but.

Holly knew that now. He was so much more, and it scared her how much she liked that about him.

“Good morning yourself.”

“I see Bobby Joe’s leaving. At least, I have a hunch he was here. That guy bothering you?” John’s brow knit as he watched the lone figure struggling down the beach.

“No, he’s harmless, but he was sleeping out here last night—right below the steps.”

John tapped his fingers on the table. “Not a good idea. That’s not safe for anyone.”

“I told him that.” Holly shook her head. “He doesn’t listen, you know?”

“I know. He only listens to the booze, sadly. He wasn’t always like that, but when his father died, he went down hill.” John paused and frowned. “Well, when I see him next, I’ll mention it, too. Now, where’s that coffee you promised?”

“Coming right up, detective.” Holly turned to g


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