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Surrender to Ecstasy – PART I – desire for contact (RiverHart Book 1)

by Adira August.

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Description of Surrender to Ecstasy – PART I – desire for contact:

Surrender to Ecstasy – PART I – desire for contact (RiverHart Book 1)

A 80K word stand-alone novel. Part 1/3. No cliffhanger. D/s, B&D. Excerpt below:

(Award-winning journalist Avia Rivers treks into the Rocky Mountain foothills to interview reclusive sex-toy manufacturer Benedict Hart at his fortress-like home …)


“Everything you see in this room, is in my catalog.” Ben told her.

“In your catalogue? These are ‘sexual support’ products?” She walked over to the black leather recliner. “This is a recliner, isn’t it? How does it support sexual … activity?”

“There are demonstration videos for all the products on the website,” he told her.

“I’m here, now. Would you mind?” She asked, knowing personal experiences added depth and color to a story.

He hesitated a few seconds. “As you wish. Remove your shoes and have a seat.” He joined her at the recliner.

She kicked off her pumps and did as she was told.

“This chair was our first offering in the Hartfelt line.” He said. “It’s a positioning system and still one of our top sellers. It takes the place of several more common but less user-friendly devices.”

Avia noticed his demeanor had shifted, He’d become more impersonal. Controlled. Had she offended him, somehow?

“You’ll notice the proportions are skewed from those of a normal recliner. It’s narrower, the back higher, the seat shorter. You can sit with your feet flat on the floor, but your back is still fully supported. Try it.”

Avia slid back in the chair. He was right.

Ben moved to the side of the chair. “Grab the arms and hold your legs straight out,” he ordered.

She obeyed, and he rotated a lever on the side of the chair. The footrest lifted and extended. “Put your feet back on the floor about a foot apart.”

When Avia put her feet down, she noticed the “footrest” was, in fact, a seat supported by two sections of metal that extended out from under the chair and turned up to support it.

Ben slid onto the seat. He leaned forward, his feet and knees between hers and sought something under the arms of the chair. He paused, until she met his cool gaze.

He pulled back hard on something and forced her feet and knees apart, simultaneously.

“Holy shit!” She was semi-reclined with her legs spread and her hips thrust forward to the edge of the seat cushion. The outsides of his knees pressed to the insides of her own. He kept them there, holding her legs apart under her long skirt.

“So,” he asked conversationally, “If you were nude, what do you think I might do to you, now?”

He rose and bent over her, hands on the chair arms, darkening eyes locked on hers, his voice husky and low.

And how comfortable will you be in this position, for how long, while I do it?”


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