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Swim With Me – with Bonus Top 100 Bestseller

by Aya Fukunishi.

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Swim With Me – with Bonus Top 100 Bestseller

This may be my last erotic story for a while, so eat it up ladies! I’ll soon be following the love of my life to a new country, so I’ll be taking a break for publishing until we’re good and settled in our new home. I hope this sinful but safe story will tide you over until then. No cheating. No sadness. Just a lot of hot sex and a sweet little Happily Ever After 🙂 

Jack Sloane truly has the world in the palm of his hand. At 38 he’s a rugged adventurer and bestselling author with millions of dollars in the bank, the looks of a young Harrison Ford, a summer house on a secluded Vietnamese beach and his beloved motorcycle in the garage. Men want to be him, and every woman craves his touch. Jack has it all.

But he feels empty inside. He could snap his fingers and any woman would come running, but he doesn’t want them. He has fame, money, freedom and power, but it all leaves him cold. Nothing excites him any more. He’s bored with life, and the thought of spending the rest of it feeling empty, hollowed out and alone fills him with dread.

And then Rose walks into his life.

A naive, innocent, achingly beautiful 18 year old girl, stumbling clumsily at his feet at the taxi rank of Saigon airport. A fresh, untouched young woman, unsullied by the world and glowing with vibrant youth. The moment Jack lays eyes on her he knows this angel is the only woman who could possibly save him.

He knows he should stay away. He knows Rose is far too young for him. He knows this will end with either a wedding ring or disaster. But he knows he needs her like he needs to take his next breath.

Does she need him too? Could he make her crave him, like he craves her?

Swim With Me is a sweet, sinful, ridiculously over the top insta-love erotic romance that will leave you smiling from ear to ear and aching for more. If you ever wished you’d ignored the boys and spent your first time with an older man who knew exactly where to touch you… a man with strong hands, a commanding tone and a lifetime of experience… well, this book might just be for you.

The edition includes:

– A free copy of the ridiculously over the top 2012 erotic short story on which this book was based. You’ll have to look inside for the title. Amazon wouldn’t let me write it here.

– A free copy of Aya Fukunishi’s Amazon top 100 bestseller, Stepbrother, Where Art Thou?


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