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by Narciso Roxas Jr.

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Only 15 years old, a high school boy lives an unusual life. The youngest son of a wealthy businessman, his family’s fortunes reverse after his father dies and he is forced to accept a less than charmed life. He juggles his time living as a teenager enrolled in a strict and privileged Jesuit private school, and as a writer struggling to be accepted in an adult world that the student longs to join instead. Using an aging Olivetti typewriter, he creates a substantial body of work that in 1990 seems ridiculous if not impossible to have been the fruit of such a young mind. He makes a pretend book from all of it, then hides the book away.

This is that book. Over 25 years later, raw archive text and artwork all done by hand.

In today’s era of internet and ebooks, its images feel ancient and alien. Sometimes brilliantly kind and touching, sometimes arrogant and embarrassing. The author’s dreams and thoughts, raw and immature, are presented with no apologies.

“You can’t edit life. Or at least I don’t want to. This was the 80s. Exactly as how I lived and created in it.”


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