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Temptress Fug-It (The Bubba Watt Chronicles Book 1)

by Bud Shanholtz.

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Temptress Fug-It (The Bubba Watt Chronicles Book 1)

Having had sufficient Time to reflect, I have come to believe that the peculiar magic responsible for all that occurred to me was, besides the magnificent aircraft herself, the symptoms of a unique witch’s brew of smells, those residual particles that can never be entirely eradicated, molecules that we inhale into our very selves; smells of scorched oil, aviation fuel, human body odor, blood, vomit, disinfectant, donkey shit, piss, stale K-rations, and the very particular sour stink of masculine sweat left behind by hundreds and hundreds of terrified young men, fledgling warriors on their way to leap into darkness, into fierce combat, into almost certain glory, and towards a very probable, very hideous, and usually, very lonely, death.


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