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The Afghan Princess

by Charles Belser.

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The Afghan Princess

In 1952 at Boulder, Colorado, where H-Bombs are made and the Cold War fans the flames of anti-communist hysteria, a young woman is trapped in a nightmare and holds a secret too terrible to face. She claims to have no memory of who she is and carries no identification. Thought dead, she was pulled unconscious from a deep river pool, wearing heavy winter clothing on a hot summer day by two young men. A hunter claims he caught the two men in the act of raping the girl and rescued her. The girl’s coat bears the label, “Afghan Princess,” suggesting that it might be from the country of Afghanistan where the Soviet Union is active. As word spreads that she might be a KGB spy, her remarkable beauty captures the imagination of the public and the media who dub her, “The Afghan Princess.” Is she an innocent victim or a spy? A man in town secretly plans to kill her, and one of the two young men accused of her rape falls in love with her.


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