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The Bimbo Bundle (3 Bimbo Stories) (A Naughty Bundle of Fun Book 22)

by Pearl N. Lace.

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The Bimbo Bundle (3 Bimbo Stories) (A Naughty Bundle of Fun Book 22)

Sparklies!!!! OMG!!! This bundle of three or is it four. No three. I sometimes forget because thinking is totes hard!!!

So, Cindy or is it Sindy is at work one day when her mean co-worker Erica decides to dump her work on my desk after tossing the V card off to the boss. I know right? Totes uncool!!!

So Cindy finds Erica’s smartphone and notices that she is a member of KandeeStick, this website where girls go to find themselves a sugar daddy.

It has pink all over and everything. Did I mention I like pink?

Anyhow, Cindy plots her revenge on Erica in the best way possible; by stealing her sugar daddy. In order to steal Erica’s sugar daddy, Cindy needs to go back to her theater degree by becoming a luscious, bubbly, blonde-haired bimbo.

So like in the second story Sindy or is it Cindy? Anyway, her ex-boyfriend, that jerk, tries to get back with Cindy; but Cindy has other plans, namely locking up her sugar daddy so that she can be on easy street.

In the final story, one of Cindy’s friends needs a bit of advice on entering this lifestyle. Cindy shows her that the bimbo lifestyle is not a joke, it is a lifelong commitment that one has to work and practice every single day if they want a sugar daddy.


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