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The Destiny (Blood and Destiny Book 4)

by E.C. Jarvis.

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The Destiny (Blood and Destiny Book 4)

When you’re listed as one of the most wanted criminals in the country, arriving home to a cavalcade of warships staring you in the face doesn’t bode well. The only hope for Larissa and her misfit crew is the utter complacency of her enemies. Who would suspect a meek store clerk could make it to the Capital with the intention of assassinating the President?

Their journey becomes ever more perilous as they find themselves trapped in the midst of a disastrous airship battle between the Sky Force and a band of pirates.

Lose yourself in the twists and turns of the nail biting conclusion to the Blood and Destiny Series.

Book 1, The Machine,

Book 2, The Pirate,

Book 3, The War,

Book 4, The Destiny.


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