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The Long Walk (The Verge Walker Book 1)

by Ben Reeder.

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The Long Walk (The Verge Walker Book 1)

It’s the Wild West as you’ve never seen it before! Aether trains speed along on the Verge, crewed by Riggers, men who stand between the real world and the Aether to harness its power. Strange things have started to appear in the world, and dark powers gather in the shadows to plot a course to wealth and power.

In this world walks Caleb Archer, a man who has seen enough horror for one lifetime. Adrift and alone, he wanders the American West hoping to leave the ghosts of his past behind him. What he doesn’t know is that there are terrors aplenty waiting for him in the wilds.

When he rides into the little town of Mendoza Springs, he is immediately accused of a horrific crime. To clear his name, he must find the real killer, and somehow defeat a monster that no weapon forged on Earth can harm. His allies are few, and his resources are thin, but he is about to discover that he is more than a drifter with a dark past.

To defeat an unspeakable evil, Caleb Archer will be forced to walk between worlds and become…

The Verge Walker.


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