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The Peacock Encounter

by Deepika Behal.

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The Peacock Encounter

Since the dawn of humanity, things have constantly changed. Civilizations came, saw, lived and declined. But the one thing as constant as the time itself is the notion of God or the idea of a shapeless energy which runs our lives and on whom a majority of the human population depends on.

But what is the truth? What happens when a staunch devotee of the higher power but struggling to make ends meet, is forced to rethink his ideologies? What happens when his faith in God takes a fall? The book is an attempt to answer the baffling questions we face each day and to quench the thirst for metaphysical knowledge. Some might agree and some might not.

The book seeks to not create a wall on an individual’s beliefs rather build a mental bridge to take them to the other side, if they wish to take the leap of faith.


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