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The Proposal (Forever Bound Book 2)

by Bree Callahan.

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The Proposal (Forever Bound Book 2)

Two men…a proposal she never saw coming…what will she do?

Charity can’t believe she let herself get duped again. She goes back to Maine feeling like everyone is out to fool her, but it sends her right back into Damian’s arms. After all, he never promised her anything and he’s willing to deliver in a category she craves in her life. She just doesn’t realize how much she needed him to make her forget the night with Derek.

It isn’t easy for Derek to get through to Charity and tell her that she has it all wrong. When he repeatedly tells her the inheritance doesn’t matter to him, she laughs in his face. He doesn’t want to give up, but he’s left with wondering if it will ever happen for them. Then the breakthrough happens that he’s hoped for and he’s able to finally make her listen. Will they rekindle what they once had or will she once again turn from him?

Just as things seem to be way more complicated than she can comprehend, she finds one of those men down on their knee and she’s left wondering if she could see a life without him in it. What will happen when two men are vying for the same woman and Charity has no idea what she wants to do? Will she figure it out before she loses both of them, or will she find her chance at love once again taken away from her?


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