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The Road to Collins (Two-Lane Wyoming Book 2)

by Suzie O’Connell.

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The Road to Collins (Two-Lane Wyoming Book 2)

Cole Collins may not have grown up on the family ranch, but it always was and always will be his home. Then, right after he graduated high school, he stopped coming out to the ranch, and no one knew why. Now he’s back for a cousin’s wedding and to dust off the past. He isn’t the only one coming home, and a drive down memory lane will bring old memories and old heartaches to the surface because the only person who can answer the questions that haunt him is also the only woman who’s ever hurt him.

Danielle Shimmin left home just before Cole did and even more abruptly, and given the choice, she’d stay gone. Her mother is selling their ranchette, and there’s been an offer on it. If Dani has any chance to put what happened to her on that ranch behind her for good, it’s now or never. Going back will put her face to face with the only person she ever shared her secret with—her friend and one-time lover, Cole. With his support, she knows she can defeat her demons, but he has a secret of his own, and it’s about the night her stepfather died.


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