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The Second God

by Pauline M. Ross.

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The Second God

In The Fire Mages, Kyra discovered her unusual ability, but it led to confrontation with the rulers of Bennamore. In The Fire Mages’ Daughter, Drina learnt about her own unique power over magic, and devised a novel way to subdue the neighbouring Blood Clans’ living god. The story continues in The Second God

It’s been five years since war with the fearsome Blood Clans, whose giant bonded beasts almost destroyed Bennamore. Now the tenuous peace is being put to the test. Drina’s prisoner-husband and Blood Clan god, Ly-haam, attends a magical challenge to assert his authority over his people, who think him weak. But then the unthinkable happens – a second living god emerges. Is it a sign that the gods are displeased with Ly-haam, and have sent another leader to supplant him?

Left behind in Bennamore, Drina’s lover, Arran, is vulnerable to flattery from the ambitious fringes of the ruler’s court, but his weakness could endanger many lives. Meanwhile, on the southern Plains of Kallanash, a new force is arising from the chaos of the Karningplain — a vast golden army, raised in ferocious discipline, and fanatical followers of another kind of god, who is determined to spread his power into an empire, and will let nothing stand in his way.

To combat the threat to Bennamore and its allies, Drina, Arran and Ly-haam must set aside their personal differences and combine their talents in a uniquely dangerous way, which will test their heroism to its limits. How much will they have to sacrifice to save their country?


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