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The Swordmaster (The Afterlight Chronicles)

by Rose Reid.

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The Swordmaster (The Afterlight Chronicles)

In Evrallon, secrets have a way of escaping their closets.

Before he captured Aerietta.

Before he was betrayed by the princess.

Before he became the Swordmaster.

He still had secrets.

Lyom Livingstone wasn’t supposed to live to the age of twenty-two. He’s never touched a sword in his life. He’s known as the reckless, impulsive kid Blancathey can’t get rid of.

Get trapped in Rose Reid’s spellbinding prequel to Crown of Crimson. Learn the secrets the Children have been guarding, discover the truth behind Evrallon’s history, and uproot the hidden past the Swordmaster has worked so hard to bury.


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