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The Word Collector

by Alexandria Nolan.

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The Word Collector

The past has a habit of invading the present. For Petra, a linguist and self-proclaimed wordsmith, her own history and future have a way of blending and mixing, blinding her from the moment at hand.

The past, though, is not a safe place for Petra. It is filled with terrors, with memories she buries beneath obsolete and archaic words.

Until the diary surfaces. A lost diary, discovered in a chest at the bottom of the lake. The book plunges Petra into the life of Nerissa Swifte, another woman that lived beyond the bounds of her own time. A woman whose struggles and sorrows echo Petra’s own.

The more Petra reads about this woman of the past, the more she finds her own history revealed.

But when all the painful memories are laid bare, where will Petra stand? Oblivious and tucked securely within the safety of her world of words? Or will she use the truth of her history to propel her into an unknown future?

Magic and memories, pain and secrets all await her at the lake’s edge. And words, glorious words—the greatest enchantments of all.


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