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Timber (Bear Shifter) (New World Shifters series)

by Elodie Chase.

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Timber (Bear Shifter) (New World Shifters series)

The wilderness takes one kind of strength. Love takes another.

He’s driven…

Forest ranger Timber knows his clan doesn’t approve of him living among humans. In a world where shifters’ existence is scarcely known, it’s a dangerous choice. But his bear is eager to find their mate — no matter who she is.

She’s determined…

Rachel is a National Park Service employee who’s just transferred home to Alaska — even though it means working with her less-than-wonderful ex. The last thing she expects is her attraction to the big, burly man who acts as her guide into the Alaska National Forest.

Despite their chemistry, Rachel knows a relationship with a fellow employee would be completely unprofessional. Timber recognizes Rachel as his fated mate … but worries that an ambitious career woman won’t be content to stay in Alaska.

They’re in danger

When their trek turns deadly, more than love is on the line. Can Timber and Rachel survive long enough to be united as mates? Or will finding each other be the last thing they ever do?

Timber begins a new, sexy world of shifters and the women they’re fated to fall for. Start reading, and see for yourself the power of true love!

Author’s Note: I’ve included a free novella, as a thank you at the end of the novel! More sexy shifter sass!


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