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Touched in My SLEEP – Free Yourself from the Guilt and Shame of Sexual Abuse

by Kamala Rose.

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Touched in My SLEEP – Free Yourself from the Guilt and Shame of Sexual Abuse

As a young girl, I always thought that there was something wrong with me. Why did I always have bladder infections? Why did my vagina itch all the time? I just had to touch it. I wondered why I felt alert and cautious around certain family members. Why didn’t I trust them? I didn’t know why I felt so shameful all the time. I was a beautiful little girl with every opportunity ahead of me. I was gonna live an adventurous and mystical, creative and carefree life, wasn’t I? But, there was always something lurking—as if something had been taken from me. Whatever it was, it held me back from being present, from truly embracing my authentic kid self. I thought I could never find the answers. At 6 years old, Pretty Woman had been released. Everyone, including my older sisters were talking about it. I wanted to be cool like the big kids, talk about this new movie, but every time I tried to watch it, Richard Gere triggered something in me. I felt so ill. He grossed me out! The more I watched, the angrier I became. Another time I tried to watch Star Trek and the same thing would happen-every time I saw Spock, I immediately would want to turn the channel. What an odd thing! Why was I so angry with these men, who to me, resembled each other? At nineteen, I noticed something really odd: I began to feel fiercely protective over my nieces and nephews when my uncle was present. Every time he walked through the door, I’d hold my breath and scan the room to find my sisters kids. I watched every single move he made. A few months later, I noticed my sisters doing the same thing, watching our uncle’s every move. A few more months passed, and finally we all questioned, “Why is it when uncle Levi comes around the kids, we instinctively want to shield them? Why is it that when he bounces them on his lap, we take them away from him? We love our uncle Levi, right?” This was when the unveiling truly began. By trusting what my body was telling me and listening to my intuition, I started laying it out, piece by piece, pattern by pattern. I began to realize I was witnessing a true wolf in sheep’s clothing. Please take a nice, long, deep breath. This…is…raw. I want you to feel safe in everything you feel while reading this book. It is completely ok if it brings up a lot. Please take as much time as you need to complete it. It is OK where you are. This is the beginning. The seed has been planted. This is a story about the symptoms in my body, my visions and dreams. I went on a journey and learned how to trust myself, completely. This story will help you feel, release, and regain your power. I was sexually abused by a family member while I was asleep and still in diapers. His name was Levi. Uncle Levi was a sheriff AND a Bible study leader. A man you would never suspect, a man with “moral”. Someone who seemed to be an amazing “man of honor”, a role model in most eyes. Who would have thought of him capable of sexually abusing an innocent child? For this reason I experienced deep denial, but eventually I learned how to hear the questions my body was pushing me to ask, how to trust the answers, my intuition. Finally, I could heal from the heavy energy of sexual molestation that had been smothered for generations in my family. This is the story of my experience, which is meant to help you unlock all the questions you have ever asked yourself—and to guide you. It’s safe to trust yourself. After each chapter, I am leaving a blank page. A space for you to reflect. Please keep track of any memories or emotions that come up during this read. You may experience body sensations, tingles, deep anger, feelings of shame, confusion, or rashes. Take a breath…

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