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Trouble – RavenCroft no. 2 (RavenCroft Collection)

by Delaine Christine.

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Trouble – RavenCroft no. 2 (RavenCroft Collection)

The second in the RavenCroft Collection has our favorite narrator, Vortigern Black returning once again to tell another tale. The ‘Trouble’ with this one is that it has a decidedly darker tone for the shadows may prevail and a stalker has joined in the fun.

In this story we follow the life of the second born of the RavenCroft triplets, Kalabernus RavenCroft who, like his cousin Drinian Blackthorne of The Blackthorne Saga, is a tortured soul but has the heart of an artist. This poses a lot of ‘Trouble’ for Kalabernus who fears he’ll one day lose himself to the shadows which plague him. And darned if he can’t seem to find any peace from the blasted “Troublesome Three” in particular, Veranke, Fallen, and Zalman who don’t ever seem to leave him alone.

Lovely Sareena Davis has recently arrived in Loveland, Colorado looking for a fresh start and the chance to finally walk out of her door without having to be afraid anymore. For years she had been ‘Troubled’ by an elusive and dangerous stalker whom she couldn’t seem to shake. Will Kalabernus’s ability to see the dark shadows which plague him for once be a blessing rather than a curse?

And who is the illusive Vortigern Black?


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