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Unpleasant Design

by Nikola Korac.

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Unpleasant Design

The “Unpleasant Design” book is a collection of different research approaches to a phenomenon experienced by all of us. Unpleasant design is a global fashion with many examples to be found across cities worldwide, manifested in the form of “silent agents” that take care of behaviour in public space, without the explicit presence of authorities. Photographs, essays and case studies of unpleasant urban spaces, urban furniture and communication strategies reveal this pervasive phenomenon. With contributions by Adam Rothstein, Francesco Morace and Heather Stewart Feldman, Vladan Jeremic, Dan Lockton, Yasmine Abbas, Gilles Paté, Adam Harvey and many others, the book is an attempt to recognise this nascent discipline within contemporary design taxonomies. Book chapters are illustrated with witty designs by Nikola Korac.


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