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Utara the Savage

by Adam Carter.

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Utara the Savage

Douglas Bainbridge is a clown running away from the circus in hopes of a more exciting life. Pursuing the kidnappers of the woman he loves, Bainbridge crashes on a strange world of forest and swamp. Here he discovers giant monsters unlike any ever known to man. Fearing his experiences have been simple hallucinations, he stumbles upon a beautiful and violent savage named Utara. A fantasist and a dreamer, Bainbridge instantly falls in love and convinces Utara to aid him in his search.

Leading him safely through the treacherous world, Utara brings them to a palace where humans act as servants to a bizarre race of lizard men. Frustrated and angry, Utara’s own motives come to light and Bainbridge is faced with a terrible decision. The two women he loves most in life are in peril and the only way the ex-circus performer can save even one of them is to give the lizard men the show of their lives.

Caught in the centre of a love triangle filled with betrayal, passion and intrigue, Douglas Bainbridge is forced to make choices which will change all their lives forever.


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