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Veil of Secrets – Murder Unearthed (Madison Hart Mysteries Book 5)

by DB Jones.

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Veil of Secrets – Murder Unearthed (Madison Hart Mysteries Book 5)

Madison Hart and Detective Josh Logan find themselves spinning in a veil of secrets, deception, and murder as they try to unravel the motive behind a series of bizarre murders.

The killer’s skills of masking their identity only complicate the case. Madison’s obsession with solving this crime not only threatens her health as she struggles to focus in the face of difficulties she encountered during her recovery after a near-death gunshot wound. But if she persists, her relationship with the one man who understands her could be in jeopardy.

In all her years as an FBI Investigator and Criminal Profiler, Madison has never encountered such a complex case. As she and Josh slowly uncover the lives of each of the victims, the case grows more complicated, and the clues lead them down endless dead ends. However, just as Madison believes the killer might get away with the crimes does the veil begin to shred, revealing the motive and the true identity of who committed these murders.


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