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When I Hurt (Vassi and Seri 2 – Russian Stepbrother Romance)

by Marian Tee.

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When I Hurt (Vassi and Seri 2 – Russian Stepbrother Romance)

When I get mad, I say all sorts of things, even secrets that I’m supposed to keep.

When I get frightened, I find myself lying, doing and saying anything just so I won’t give him a reason to leave me.

But when I get hurt, oh when I really get hurt—

It’s not because I’m crying and hurting over him.


The gorgeous Russian celebrity who’s also my stepbrother—

And now, he’s the man I’ve blackmailed into being my lover.

When I get hurt, it’s only because I was the one who caused him pain.

I was the one who broke his heart.

I did it because I love him, and for that I don’t mind if I keep getting hurt.


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