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Writing for Self-Discovery – Creating Breakthroughs

by Sheila Finkelstein.

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Description of Writing for Self-Discovery – Creating Breakthroughs:

Writing for Self-Discovery – Creating Breakthroughs

Writing for Self-Discovery: Creating Breakthroughs sets the foundation for the possibilities that can result from free-flow writing. Breakthroughs in all areas of your life…in relationships with self and others… in meeting challenges… releasing stress… overcoming anger and fear… to raise spirits when down…expansion in creativity…

The book is a compilation of free-flow writing done during a period several years by Sheila Finkelstein, author, as she was going through life-changes, career, caregiving of her husband with Parkinson’s Disease. A large portion of the writing in the book was sparked by prompts and the leadership of Julie Jordan Scott, collaborating author, in several different programs.

The opportunities in different types of free-flow writing are listed and discussed, with examples by both authors.

Included in the book are:

Reasons for Writing

Various types of prompts, highlighted so that readers can make note and use them to spark their own writing

Word Pools

Expanding Senses and Awareness

Practical How-To’s in Writing

Morning Pages

Haiku for Anger Control and Other Forms of Expression

Sample of Photos as Prompts

“The book makes the writing for self-discovery do-able because of the variety, humanity and transparency of the writing,” reports one reader.

People who have done mainly business writing – reports, proposals, and trainings are finding inspiration and tools to incorporate free-flow writing as an essential part of moving forward in ways not previously envisioned. It is a different way of finding answers to challenges.

The authors demonstrate writing for self-discovery with the goal of raising your spirits rather than dragging them down.

Ultimately the reader finds out How Free-Flow Writing becomes Easy, Fun and Revealing.


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